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New NHS obligation to provide equal pastoral care to non-religious in England

We are planning to organise a 2 day Pastoral Care training course run by the BHA.

Get in touch if you would like details of what is involved.

A New Settlement for Religion and Belief in schools... 

 Consultations page

Religious Education Advisory Committee (REAC) becomes more inclusive

 Muriel Garland of Isle of Man Freethinkers now attends meetings of REAC.


Humanism 4 Schools - Teaching Resources/Educational Videos on YouTube!


Marriage and Civil Registration

Civil partnerships are now permitted on the Isle of Man despite Eddie Lowey's fear of 'wacky weddings':  www.gov.im/registries/general/civilregistry/partnerships.xml

Some hetero sexual couples have come over for partnership ceremonies.

The island is the only place in the British Isles where these are permitted. 

Living Wills

Living wills are valid on the Isle of Man. See our Living Wills page for more information.


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